Being with my mother--the woman who brought me into the world, while witnessing the transition of her own mother as she made her way into the next marks one of the most profound experiences of my life.   As poignant and painful as the loss of my grandmother’s life was the crystallizing moment in that room--an understanding that one day I would be kneeling as my mother was.  I would be holding her as she made her way out of life.     

In that instant, inextricable and powerful, the vibration of both the world and my perception changed.  A veil lifted in the fabric of my understanding allowing me to see more clearly how we move through the mystery of the brief and sweet time we share. 

A visual exploration of continuity, profundity, and delicacy, this ongoing series forms a response to the passages and events in my life.  In construction and document, in memorial and celebration, this is my lifeblood.